Friday, June 14, 2013

an ex-iPhone hater (current lover) spent a month using Android phone (galaxy s3) and why Android phone is years behind iPhone (biased)

Hi there,

Just before start, I have to say that this post could be a bit bias because I have a hard time accepting some stuffs on Android but I could accept some bad stuffs on iPhone easier. But few years ago, I really against Apple in every of their product but now I got tons of them.I really have to say that they did it right.

I started to use an iPhone when I got one from the office that I did the thesis with (have to return when thesis is finished). Before this I got one iPod touch (3rd Gen) which I use it a lot as music player, casual gaming machine (I got also a PSP, which I use it for more serious games) and some production work. I use it to VNC/Logmein to several places to fix some of their pc problems and I started to love my iPod. (still hates iMac)

Then I got iPhone3G from my thesis work. First thing I did to the phone is to jailbreak it. Apple devices shouldn't call "smart" without jailbreak. Then I have access to cydia which has lots of tweak that I would love to try. Now I can remote access to computers without need to find the wifi.

After I returned the phone to my work, I bought Sony Ericsson Satio. The phone with rich HW feature but zero software feature. It is also shipped with trillion of bugs with no update/upgrade at all for the whole life of the product. Since then I crawled back to the phone that should at least make a phone call.  I got my GF old iphone3G to use since she upgraded to 3GS. And I use iPhone ever since. I had use iPhone 3G,3GS,4 and 5. I also got an 1st gen iPad in the progress. I also got an Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro from my work, another phone that could not even properly make a phone call and of-course, you don't get any update from the phone manufactured by this company.

I started to think that Android is not for me. But I still see a lot of people using them. My colleague told me that because I used the lower-tier Android and I can't have a good experience on Android on such devices.   I try to believe him because he switched from his iPhone 4S to galaxy S3 and he's so happy with it.

Until recently, I switched to iPhone5 which I got from a second hand website in Sweden. But it's locked to another operator. Then I change my subscription to another operator. Surprising enough, with the new subscription, I almost got a Galaxy S3 for free. I pay something like 50 SEK extra /month for 2 years and I will get the second best Samsung flagship Android phone (S4 has already been released). So I get that subscription and decided to use my office phone on S3 and my personal phone on iPhone5. I was using 2 iPhone 4 as both my personal and office number before. So it's a major upgrade for me.

So now I can get full experience on how Android phone should be. and I really expect a lot from that. Spec wise, it's much better than iPhone5. But after about a month of using it. I need to write and probably expect to be heard by someone who can improve the Android.

What is better than iPhone5.

  • File transfer is much better than iphone5, just plug the USB and unlock your phone (no instruction said on the phone at all) then you have access to both your internal memory and your sd card. 
  • Movie player is also really good especially MXplayer. It can play everything I throw at it WITH subtitle working perfectly.
  • Auto-correct is century better than the iphone. This's one of the feature that make me still using it.
Well, that's basically all I could think of.

What is worst than iPhone5.

  • Battery life, android is true multi-task OS. That consume a lot of battery when you have something running. My S3 lose more than 50% overnight in the beginning (from 60% before bed and completely dead in the morning) Now I learn to turn off several features to make the phone alive through the day. I made it 2 days without worry on my iPhone5 and could be up to 3 days on my previous office phone. This's my major problem. I didn't use my office phone that much except sync my outlook calendar to see where/when is my meeting. 
  • Lack of a lot of everyday use features. I missed the double tap top to scroll to the top of the screen. It's build-in feature in iphone and it works operating system wise. S3 has such a feature under motion but only works in few native apps. My S3 took like 5-10 second to bring up the contact list while my iphone is less than a second. Both phones sync the contact with Google. and S3 is another phone that is so hard to make a phone call. You have to wait like 3 second after you tapped the name until the phone to actually making a phone call and it took another 2-3 second to hang up.
  • Lack of central point of notification control. In iPhone, you could set which apps can/can't send the notification under the setting. But on Android, you have to open every app in order to customize the notification.
  • ETC (I'll continue)

Finally, what I want to say is HW wise, S3 is really a good phone but SW is really crappy. HW features are really good. You have NFC, nice screen, nice camera and nice LED notification but software doesn't really go with it. One reason is that Android has so many variety of HW and it's up to the point that it's too many of them and compatibility become the issue. Google/Samsung should pay more attention to the hidden feature that should really make your life easier. Apple actually have a lot of details on this and that make me feel that it's the device that make my life actually easier. But currently S3/Android just make my life so hard.


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