Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy easter! Glad Påsk!

Happy easter my blog reader. I've been away for sometime due to my daily work. I hope that it should be relieved now. Last week I bought a external harddrive from Lacie which sadly appear to be a DOA. I'll write a review about it when I received a new one. But now it's 4 days holiday, I don't think I will have anything to write about :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Löfbergs lila C3 M1 Capsule Coffee Machine review

   Couple of months ago, I bought this coffee machine online for a very good deal and somehow become addicted to it. So I decided to move away on my famous blog post on Comviq MF60 a little bit and write a review on something else.

The box:
I'm a bit surprised when pick it up in the post office with the size and weight. I bought the machine together with 300+ capsules. It weight around 15 kg and made my arm pain for a couple of days for carrying it back home.

The machine:
Specs from Löfbergs website:

A very compact capsule machine from Caffitaly, which makes both filter coffee and espresso.
* 1,2 liter removable water tank for easy refilling
* The capsule container can hold 8 capsules
* Very compact; width: 18cm, height: 27cm, depth: 33cm
* Compatible only with CaffitalySystem® coffee capsules
* Can make both filter coffee & espresso
* Adjustable/switchable bar pressure

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unbrand/Debrand Comviq ZTE MF60 guide

My previous post has become a big hit for me as a 2 weeks old blog. One of the reader has actually investigate further based on my finding and found a nice way to debrand/unbrand the device. He's already post on how he did managed but it might probably unclear on some part. I asked him for the permission for me to write a guide based on this finding and he's OK with that. So here's the guide