Thursday, March 14, 2013

Löfbergs lila C3 M1 Capsule Coffee Machine review

   Couple of months ago, I bought this coffee machine online for a very good deal and somehow become addicted to it. So I decided to move away on my famous blog post on Comviq MF60 a little bit and write a review on something else.

The box:
I'm a bit surprised when pick it up in the post office with the size and weight. I bought the machine together with 300+ capsules. It weight around 15 kg and made my arm pain for a couple of days for carrying it back home.

The machine:
Specs from Löfbergs website:

A very compact capsule machine from Caffitaly, which makes both filter coffee and espresso.
* 1,2 liter removable water tank for easy refilling
* The capsule container can hold 8 capsules
* Very compact; width: 18cm, height: 27cm, depth: 33cm
* Compatible only with CaffitalySystem® coffee capsules
* Can make both filter coffee & espresso
* Adjustable/switchable bar pressure

The usage of the machine is simple. Turn on the machine and wait until it's ready. Put the capsule in and finally press the button of your choice.

However, the pre-programmed button need to be adjusted. For me, all the mode gave me a bit too less water. I normally drink black coffee. So I almost always use the full cup mode. Initially it will give more a little bit more than half of the cup which is not enough and a little bit too strong for my taste. But you can reprogram to make it give you more water. After that I almost always satisfied with the coffee produced by the machine.

The button on the machine is something I should really complain about. Sometime it's really hard to find the spot. Especially in the early morning when your brain doesn't function 100% yet :). The button can be hard to press sometime and make you put a lot of effort in order for the machine to accept the command.

The machine comes with three mode: small (espresso) medium and full cup. The red indicator in the middle will tell you when something is wrong with the machine.

When something goes wrong, the red light indicator will blink together with the sound code. However, in the early morning, I don't care much. All I did is to check the water tank. Most of the time is that my water tank is running out of water. Refill the tank and press the button again to start over. If the water tank is still full, I just mostly power off and on again and start brewing. I use the word "start over" because if something goes wrong (in my case: water running out), the machine just quit the current operation and start screaming. Once I fixed the problem, I have to check how much coffee that the machine already brewed for me. I mostly brew half of the cup on top of what I have when this happens.

The coffee:

I really like this machine since the temperature of the coffee it produced is just right. However, my partner said that it's not hot enough for her. Funny enough, it's mentioned in the manual that if the coffee is not hot enough. The solution is to warm the cup in the microwave first. It's seem to be the common knowledge/problem for this kind of coffee machine. Apparently when it's brewing the coffee, the temperature of the coffee drop because of the cup temp. After warming the cup for 20 sec in microwave and then brew the coffee. It's also good for her.

I currently have 4 types of coffee capsule and 3 types of chocolate. I will just review on what I have then.

The capsule cost around 3-4 Swedish Kronor(0.6 USD or 0.5 EUR) per capsule depends on type of flavor.

A very short review of each flavor


Blue storm
From the official website "Powerful and full bodied espresso with an intensive fruity finish. Just perfect for cappuccino and caffè latte lovers. Coffee beans selected from India and Guatemala provide the unique and musky sensation"
This coffee smell really good, it make my room feel like a coffee shop. The taste is like the description said, fruity. This's one of my favorite even that I drink only black coffee.

Orange peak
"Dark and powerful, this filter coffee also keeps its full aroma when served with milk. Specially selected coffee beans from East Africa, Central and South America."
This flavor also give you a strong smell. Actually it's even stronger than the blue storm. Beware if you lived with someone who doesn't like the smell of the coffee.

Pink tornado
"A rich heavy traditional espresso coffee with a lingering taste sensation of bread and chocolate. This blend has selected coffee beans from East Africa, Central and South America."

Golden festival
"An elegant dark roasted filter coffee. Specially selected coffee beans from East Africa, Central and South America create the fruity aroma and lingering taste experience."
This is my current favorite flavor. The smell is not too strong. The taste is good for a black coffee drinker. The best thing from this coffee is that, for me, after few hours of drinking the coffee. I always need to use the toilet. :)

Cloetta Original
"Cloetta hot chocolate with milk chocolate taste."
Cloetta Center
"Center is a hot chocolate beverage with milk chocolate and toffee, a sweet and full combination. Center gives you moments of pleasure. You are worth it. "
Cloetta Plopp
"Plopp is a hot chocolate beverage combining milky chocolate and sweet toffee. Plopp gives you moments of joy. You deserve it."

Well, to made this simple. Original is plain hot chocolate. Center is hot chocolate with milk and small toffee. Plopp is hot chocolate with stronger toffee. I like the original the most.


This's my first capsule coffee maker I have. Before this time, I always use the dripping machine which is a bit too hot for me (but my partner like it). However I enjoy coffee from my office's coffee machine more than the dripping I have. With this capsule coffee machine available in my apartment, it's really put the coffee machine from my office to shame. I tried the nespresso system, I feel that it's not strong enough for me so I like this one more. The downside is that Caffitaly system is not a major format even now they made it available in the big supermarket here, the variety is still limited to Löfbergs lila only. But for the price and the performance I got, I can't really complain much. With 4 flavor of coffee and 3 chocolate in hand, I enjoy myself every morning randomly choose my coffee and almost every night choosing chocolate. It made my day start fresh and end sweet.


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