Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's do some speed test on ZTE mf60


In my earlier blog post here and here, I show you how to unlock ZTE MF60 router which has a very good specs. It's one of the best 3G router in the market. From the spec sheet, it's capable of HSPA+ speed or 21 mbps but how it's perform in real world? Let's see.

I have 2 sim cards on different network, Comviq and Telia. As far as I know, they're using the same 3G network. However, on my Comviq simcard I use "År kort" or a year 3g subscription which I got from groupon earlier. I believed that the speed is limited to somewhere around 6-7 mbps. On the other hand, my Telia simcard is from my company. They promised the full 3G speed on my subscription. So if you're looking for head-to-head operator speed test, my test is biased. This test is for hardware test.

Let's start.

A quick specification of the device.

* HSPA+ peak speed up to 21.6 Mbps
* Maximum support 8 users to get internet access, however Comviq firmware limited to 5 users and the latest firmware from ZTE support up to 10 users. I might probably try to find a way to upgrade to ZTE official firmware later on.
* 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
* Small, lightweight design
* OLED Display
* ZTE MF60 3G Router supports up to 32GB microSD card

Below is the result of my Comviq year surf subscription speedtest.

I lived in somewhere central of Stockholm Sweden. The result is as expected that my cheap subscription is doing as it should. Downlink of 6.11 mbps and uplink speed it 1.1 mbps which are good enough for any surfer. Unless you're heavy downloader, you probably need a faster one.

Next one is my Telia 3G full speed simcard.

The result is not impress as it should be. I might probably test in the bad time of the day where my wired speed which usually run full 100mbps shows only 50mbps. But the result of 9.24mbps on the downlink is basically 50% better than comviq. This speed for me is better than the wired one back in my country. But it's still not reached the 21mbps advertised speed. I will try to test again on next weekend during the night time which probably have less people surfing and will post the result soon!


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